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Collaborative Divorce

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It's no secret that divorce often inflicts immense emotional strain and challenges on families. Ending a marriage is not only a tough decision, but one with lasting impacts on every aspect of your life. Choosing the right path to divorce is paramount to protecting your family, hard-earned assets, and well-being. For many couples, filing for a collaborative divorce can offer a more unified approach to divorce to minimize stress and achieve amicable solutions without the need for hostile battles in the courtroom. 

That's where our collaborative divorce lawyers at Hurley Re Attorneys at Law come in. Our firm understands how emotional and sensitive family law disputes can be, which is why our Bend attorneys are here to guide your steps with honesty, transparency, and compassion. With over 29 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of Oregon family law, you can trust our skilled advocates to guide your legal steps wisely from start to finish.

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What Is a Collaborative Divorce? 

Unlike traditional divorce litigation, collaborative divorce offers a more unified approach to adversarial family court proceedings. In a collaborative divorce, both parties agree to resolve divorce-related matters outside of litigation, implementing a team-oriented approach that aims to reduce hostility by promoting cooperation and mutual respect. 

A collaborative divorce typically involves facilitators, financial experts, and other parties working together with families to address their emotional and economic challenges. Each party works with their own attorney throughout the process. Mental health professionals may also be present to help resolve emotional challenges safely and compassionately without derailing the legal process, offering a smoother, more seamless approach to marriage dissolution for everyone involved.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?

Unlike traditional courtroom battles, collaborative divorce offers a more peaceful alternative with an emphasis on collaboration and compromise, making it a worthwhile option for many couples by empowering them to make informed decisions with the help of a qualified divorce lawyer. 

While every family is different, collaborative divorce can be a great option to help families reach a harmonious resolution tailored to their unique circumstances, including sensitive issues involving infidelity, child custody, and child support. Remember, it’s important to discuss your case with an experienced divorce attorney to determine if collaborative divorce is right for your unique familial circumstances. 

Generally, collaborative divorce works best for families who are: 

  • Willing to communicate: Effective communication is a vital part of any successful collaborative divorce. 
  • Committed to cooperating: Both spouses should be willing and able to communicate and compromise with each other throughout the process.
  • Raising children: For couples with children, a collaborative divorce can help spouses prioritize their children’s well-being by minimizing conflict and avoiding any public spectacles during the divorce proceedings.   
  • Seeking privacy: By keeping divorce proceedings out of the spotlight of traditional litigation, families can enjoy more privacy to reach harmonious solutions away from the public eye. 
  • Financially transparent: Collaborative divorce works best for couples who are willing to be transparent about their finances, allowing families to reach mutual agreements regarding the division of property and assets. 

On the other hand, collaborative divorce may not be suited for couples who are unable to communicate, unwilling to compromise on any divorce-related decisions, are secretive about finances, or have a history of domestic abuse. If you’re on the fence about collaborative divorce, our trusted attorneys at Hurley Re Attorneys at Law can evaluate your case with a practiced legal eye and collaborate closely with you to determine if collaborative divorce is an appropriate route for your family’s unique circumstances.      

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Overall, collaborative divorce can offer a respectful and effective way to resolve divorce-related matters between couples. Some benefits of choosing a collaborative divorce include: 

  • Effective: Collaborative law offers a respectful, effective way to resolve a wide range of family disputes, allowing couples to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. 
  • Respectful: Collaborative divorce helps couples navigate family disputes with dignity, focusing on resolutions that provide economic and emotional benefits.
  • Easier on kids: Collaborative divorce is typically much easier on children. By keeping conflict to a minimum and removing the divorce proceedings from the public eye, kids are less likely to be emotionally burdened by familial conflict, easing their transition post-divorce. 
  • Cost-effective: By avoiding traditional divorce litigation, couples can save time and money in the courtroom, reducing court fees and other expenses. 

Why Hire Our Bend Collaborative Divorce Attorneys?

At Hurley Re Attorneys at Law, our collaborative divorce lawyers understand the benefits of an amicable settlement. That’s why our firm is committed to delivering the harmonious solutions our clients deserve by implementing a legal approach tailored to each family’s unique situation and goals.

Why trust Hurley Re Attorneys at Law to represent your best interests in a collaborative divorce? Some reasons to work with our experienced attorneys include: 

  • Over 29 years of experience: For over 27 years, our firm has provided personalized representation in a wide range of family law matters, giving you peace of mind that your case is in the hands of highly skilled counsel with extensive knowledge of family law. 
  • Work with a certified collaborative divorce lawyer: When you hire our firm, you’ll be working with an accredited collaborative divorce attorney who has completed extensive training with the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals (OACP) and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).
  • Diligent, compassionate representation: At Hurley Re Attorneys at Law, we go above and beyond to deliver personalized representation that caters to your unique familial circumstances. Our clients consistently describe our advocates as caring, diligent, and organized, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones and hard-earned assets are protected.
  • Dedicated to protecting your children’s well-being: In addition to providing compassionate counsel for adult clients, our lawyers are regularly appointed by local judges to represent children in complex family matters. Our firm is dedicated to advocating for children who lack a voice in the legal process, offering them more agency with the aim of benefitting their mental and emotional well-being.   

Advocating for Couples & Families Since 1995

At Hurley Re Attorneys at Law, we understand how emotional and sensitive family matters can be. That’s why our firm is dedicated to providing compassionate counsel to families in Bend and beyond. Our collaborative divorce lawyers have extensive knowledge of Oregon law to guide you and your loved ones toward the amicable resolution you deserve. We take pride in developing creative solutions to maintain amicable relationships and help couples transition into their future roles as co-parents. Our knowledgeable staff goes above and beyond to communicate with clients regarding the legal pros and cons of their cases, empowering them to decide how best to proceed and take back control of their lives.

Ready to explore a peaceful resolution to your family law matters? Contact us online to discuss your case with our award-winning lawyers. 

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  • “The attorneys at Hurley Re are hard working professional and caring.” - Joy R.
  • “He went out of his way to provide the best assistance possible while I had to address a challenging matter.” - Luisa S.

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